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The National Centre for Choreography - National Ballet of Marseille (CCN - BNM)
is recruiting to the position of Director(s)

The French National Centre for Choreography National Ballet of Marseille is taking a new direction in association with the guidelines of the Ministry of Culture, the City of Marseille and the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region.

The management of this new approach will be entrusted to (a) choreographer(s) who enjoy(s) a national and international reputation in their field. The artistic and cultural project, carried out in a spirit of cooperation with the various key players in culture both within and beyond the region, will be designed to be open and accessible to the young and will enjoy close links with the other arts.

The CCN - BNM belongs to a network of 19 establishments which together form the basis for activities around the creation, production and delivery of choreographic works as defined according to regulations detailed in decree n°2017-432- of 28th March 2017, the decision of 5th May 2017 and the circular of 15th January 2018.

The CCN - BNM has the ambition of being at the centre of a regional, national and international dynamic which encourages the creation and support of the artists and key players involved in the development of choreography-based culture for various audiences.

The CCN - BNM is located in Marseille, a city of more than 850,000 inhabitants, main city in the Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis which consists of 92 communes and numbers 1.8 million inhabitants.

The building, which has a surface area of 6 342 m2, is home to the École Nationale de Danse (National School of Dance) and the Pôle national supérieur de danse (National Centre for Further Dance Studies) and Ballet National de Marseille (National Ballet of Marseille).

Within the building, the CCN has:

- 1 rehearsal room of 220 m2
- 1 large studio of 380 m² which can be turned into a performance hall.

The CCN - BNM is funded by the State (Ministry of Culture - DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur), the City of Marseille and the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region and regularly receives funding from other public partners.

Public funding totalled €3,415,596 in 2017 in a total budget of €4,781,127.

In addition to the management team, the CCN - BNM currently has a total of 48 permanent employees, including 20 permanent dancers.

In the context of a restructuring programme which must be continued in order to achieve a new approach to organisation, the presented budgetary framework reflects the results and activities of 2017. It will evolve on the basis of adaptations proposed in the selected artistic and cultural project. Likewise, the decision to maintain a permanent dance company means that the format (number of dancers) should be developed to be consistent with the artistic and cultural project.




The main mission of the CCN de Marseille is the creation and production of choreographic events.
In addition to the development of their own creative work, the choreographer(s) appointed to the management team will have the following missions:

  • working on the local, area-based, regional, national and international delivery of their productions;
  • inviting French and international choreographers to create pieces for the permanent company;
  • strengthening the sharing of the CCN tool with choreography companies, by encouraging cross-over between disciplines and diversity in approaches to choreography and by welcoming and supporting choreographic artists from the region itself and on a national and international level through the Accueil-Studio et Artiste Associé (Studio Welcome and Associated Artist) scheme;
  • developing and implementing actions designed to promote choreographic culture (conferences, projections, demonstrations, works in progress...) and cultural action projects (workshops, courses, participatory creation...);
  • working to further the training of dancers, notably by collaborating with the école de danse de Marseille (Marseille School of Dance) and the Pôle national supérieur de danse Cannes-Mougins Marseille (Cannes-Mougins Marseille Centre for Further Dance Studies);
  • driving a new dynamic for the recognition of the regional choreographic landscape by becoming involved in particular with existing programmes and structures within the region to develop artistic and cultural collaborations;
  • being a central point of support for research into dance, in the same way as the entire CCN network;
  • paying close attention to diversity, in particular in terms of the works presented, the artists receiving support and the various audiences, and to parity objectives as well as to the consideration of cultural rights and access to and participation in the cultural life of the CCN for a maximum number of people;
  • overseeing the effective administrative, financial and management and governance of the structure.



In addition, the management’s project in association with the guidelines of CCN - BNM partners will incorporate a genuine opening up to experimentation in terms of:

  • development of bold and original proposals to the benefit of young people who must be at the centre of all aspects of the project;
  • new production methods for CCN - BNM management projects or guest teams projects;
  • new modes of action in terms of audiences;
  • solutions to new spectator practices;
  • mobility and roaming possibilities in order to ensure that the project attracts attention within the region in question;
  • reflections around the relationship between dance/image and digital;
  • proposal around thoughts relating to heritage and repertoire resources;
  • new approaches to training and professional integration;
  • new spaces for delivering performances, for local cooperation, and for access to culture with consideration of social and youth-based issues;
  • new forms of governance (artist collective, association between a choreographer and an artist from another discipline or other social fields...).






Candidates are invited to send their file by Friday 30th November at the latest.
This application will include:

  • a covering letter
  • a detailed curriculum vitae

 Candidates must submit these documents in French,

by post to: Monsieur le Président du CCN de Marseille
20 Boulevard de Gabès13 417 Marseille cedex 08, FRANCE
and by email (as a pdf) to: Monsieur le Président du CCN-BNM


After studying the applications, a selection committee consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Culture, the City of Marseille and the governing bodies of the CCN de Marseille will select a short-list of candidates. Short-listed candidates will receive a guidance note and appendices. They will be invited to develop a proposal document for the creation and implementation of the CCN de Marseille artistic and cultural project.
The project proposal must be delivered before Friday 15th February 2019
Pre-selected candidates will be auditioned by the jury on Wednesday 6th March 2019.
Appointment is from 2nd September 2019 for an initial duration of 4 years.