BNM entreprises

BNMENTERPRISES is a network of partner companies that offers a platform for business-related exchanges based on the values of the Ballet National de Marseille.

By joining BNMENTERPRISES, you can develop:

your company’s image
by asserting the creative dimension of your business, distinguishing your communication from that of the competition and benefiting from the prestige of the Ballet National de Marseille

your commercial and public relations
by using our spaces for your PR events, benefiting from exclusive invitations and ticket prices for the company’s shows and developing your network of clients, prospects and partners.

by offering a cultural and artistic programme to your staff, organising corporate events on a heritage site designed for creation.

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By supporting the Ballet National de Marseille, under the law on patronage passed on 1 August 2003 companies can benefit from a reduction in corporation tax equivalent to 60% of the gift given in cash, in skills or in kind (up to 0.5% of pre-tax turnover) with the option of carrying over the sum for the following five tax years. In return, these gifts allow disproportionate compensation of up to one quarter of the total amount of the gift.

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