Performative exhibition

We Should Have Never Walked on the Moon

(LA)HORDE avec le Ballet national de Marseille

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We Should Have Never Walked on the Moon

WE SHOULD HAVE NEVER WALKED ON THE MOON is a dance exhibition that breaks down the barriers between the museum white cube and the black box of the dance stage.

By mixing the register of the musical or the action film with that of the choreographic avant-garde, (LA)HORDE celebrates the a priori unnatural marriage between the culture of entertainment and the more sacerdotal culture of modernism. We Should Have Never Walked on the Moon questions the influence of American hegemonic culture, the canons of beauty and the ways of moving that it produces. How do certain created gestures become homogenizing forces? And what kind of body langage people create in reaction to these?

The exhibition takes a more subtle approach to this carnal relationship to politics, in which the body becomes a spokesperson for ideas. Stunts are re-enacted, social events are simulated, the boundaries between exhibition halls and dance studios are blurred, the place of each spectator is tested. The performances are mixed with installations and videos, all in continuity and reflecting on each other, to create an itinerary that is both chaotic and organised.