Programme composé par (LA)HORDE avec le Ballet national de Marseille

On 7th April 2023 - ZEF - Scène nationale de Marseille - MARSEILLE (FR)

Blandine Soulage
Thierry Hauswald
Blandine Soulage

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Creation 2022

We’ve devised this programme in order to tell a story with others that reflects who we are and to celebrate the many different kinds of writing by choreographers who have helped shape our gaze, who gave us our first emotions and who are still alongside us to- day. We feel it’s more important than ever to pay homage to them now with this project.

The programme comprises six pieces: two artistic propositions by (LA)HORDE, hyperrea- list dance-theatre by Peeping Tom, the contemporary vision of Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche, the minimalism of Lucinda Childs and the shock of Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud’s writing.

Some of these creations have had a huge impact on the Ballet National de Marseille’s own history, such as Les Indomptés by Claude Brumachon re-staged by Marie-Claude Pietragalla for the Opéra de Marseille in 1999, Concerto de Lucinda Childs ou Room With A View de (LA)HORDE. They will cohabit with three creations: Weather is sweet by (LA) HORDE, Oiwa by Peeping Tom, inspired by a Japanese legend of the same name, and Grime Ballet (dancing because you can’t talk to animals), by Cecilia Bangolea and François Chaignaud, which draws its energy from the intensity of the Grime musical repertoire.

By bringing such diverse works together, our intention is to challenge the notion of ar- chives and heritage. Each of the choreographers explores the way in which pieces are appropriated or re-appropriated, regardless of whether they are in their own repertoire. Why is this repertoire being revived and updated?
This evening will feature six pieces for two to nine dancers from the Ballet national de Marseille, which will connect hyper-realism and minimalism, bringing together a multi- tude of contemporary writing styles.

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