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Tânia Carvalho

Tânia Carvalho moves frequently from the field of choreography to that of musical composition.

Tânia Carvalho affirms herself as an artist whose will to expression is not exhausted in one single language.

Her creations wander through the shadows, the vivification of painting , expressionism and the memory of cinema.

Hence the artist constructs her mysterious cosmogony, a set of codes that transcend the very art of movement - whether this should take place in the linguistic and semantic carefulness that she inscribes in the titles of her work.

Or in the frequent passing through territories more distanced from that of choreography, like drawing.

Over almost two decades, Tânia Carvalho has been paving her way: thoughtfully and each time more multidisciplinary.

In 2021, she is invited by (LA)HORDE to create a piece One Of Four Periods In Time (Ellipsis) with the dancers from the BNM for the mixed program Childs Carvalho Lasseindra Doherty.