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Nacera Belaza

7EVEN changed my way of working : through meeting rigorous and profound dancers where we have to find the right balance. Freedom in contemporary creation does not mean working out of the box, but rather giving new aesthetics and a different questionning within the box.

Nacera Belaza was born in Algeria in 1969. Her family moved to France when she was five years old. She never took dance classes, but rather studied literature and French poetry. Still she performs since 20 years, made it to Europe’s most prestigious dance festivals and has her own dance company since 1989. Belaza works with dancers from Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, and Palestine and has performed internationally in Europe, Africa, Asia, Indonesia, and North America. In France, Belaza has performed at Montpellier Danse (2006), Rencontres Seine-Saint-Denis (2008, 2010), Festival of Avignon (2009, 2012) and Biennale de la danse de Lyon (2010). For her work, Belaza has received the 2008 Prix de la Revelation Chorégraphique by the French Critics Syndicate and a 2009 Award La Danse in Quebec. Her latest works include Le Cri (2008), Les Sentinelles and Le Temps Scellé (2010), and Le Trait (2012). Today, Belaza lives and works in Paris and Algiers.
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In every dance production of Nacera Belaza, you will find the elements ‘body’, ‘space’, ‘sound’ and ‘light’ reunited in one single object: the dancing body of the individual.Her choreographies and ideas are the product of internal reflection and self-created images. For her the set-up of repetitive movements, combined with the lightning and mysterious flickering sounds (which she also creates herself) became a way to reveal a certain emptiness that exists in human beings.