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Lasseindra Ninja

Lasseindra Ninja is a professional queer dancer of Guyanese origin, born in 1986. She is an iconic figure in the voguing community in France (also called vogue), an urban dance style invented by queer people of color in New York in the 1980’s.
She began voguing at the age of 20 by being recruited into one of the most famous dancing collectives of New York. She imported the concept into France, specifically Paris, where she organizes her own balls (or ballrooms) where drag queens and transsexuals can freely express their identity.
In everyday life, Lasseindra Ninja is not concerned with how others view her, living her life and representing her identity freely. According to her, voguing makes it possible for her to forge her own identity, in terms of sexuality, gender and self.
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In France, Lasseindra Ninja founded the House of Ninja, an international "house" of voguing centered in Paris. She recognizes the legacy of her sons Stephane Mizrahi and Glo Brooks, who practiced the dance style in France before her.
Lasseindra appeared in the documentary Paris is Voguing (2016) by Gabrielle Culand, which was broadcast on television on France. The program covers the ballroom voguing scene, where beauty contests meet fashion shows and dance battles.