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Emio Greco I Pieter C. SCHOLTEN

Starting in 1995 from curiosity about the body and its inner motives, the Italian dancer and choreographer Emio Greco and the director of alternative theatre Pieter C. Scholten developed a universe and a writing forged out of tension and synchronicity, borrowing as much from classical vocabulary as from post-modern dance. By their strange theatricality, the luminous set design in dialogue with the chosen music, each piece become an enigmatic fiction of the flesh.

In 2009 Emio Greco et Pieter C. Scholten created ICK in Amsterdam, a multidisciplinary international platform. Also directors of the Ballet National de Marseille from 2014 to 2018, their work focuses on the theme of the body from two perspectives: "the body in revolt" or the place of the artist in society and "the corps du ballet" or the search for a new form of contemporary ballet.


Their most recent creations include La Commedia (2011), Rocco (2011), Passione in Due (2012), Addio alla fine (2012), A Man without a Cause (2013), De Soprano’s (2014), Le Corps du Ballet National de Marseille, Boléro, Passione and Extremalism (2015), Momentum (2016), Corpi Ingrati (2017), the diptych Appearance (2017) I Disapppearance (2019), Rocca (2018), Non solo Medea (2018) and Les Cygnes et les autres (2018).