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Ayelen Parolin

Each play is for me is like a door that opens another door. 7even is the unknown, it is the daring of taking risks for yourself and for the dancers. This is what is interesting and exciting.

Ayelen Parolin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She studied at the National School of Dance and the San Martin Theatre in Buenos Aires. In Europe she followed the e.x.e.r.c.e formation in Montpellier. As a performer she worked for Mathilde Monnier, Mossoux-Bonte, Jean-François Peyret, Mauro Paccagnella, Louise Vanneste, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Anne Lopez and Riina Saastamoinen.
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Since 2004, Ayelen Parolin develops her personal work. Each of her creations centers around a recurring motif, from which the choreography is built up. She created her solo 25.06.76 in which she explores her autobiography. With Troupeau/Rebaño she confronted the animal that lies dormant in each of us, with SMS and Love she questioned femininity and its development within a group. For her work DAVID she contemplates the male figure. This piece is also an exploration of senses and a deconstruction of clichés from a canonical model, a motive as well, and symbol of manhood: the David of Michelangelo. For Heretics, Ayelen Parolin collaborates with composer Lea for the first time. Lea performs a piano piece live during the performance. Heretics is an obsessional triad involving endurance, repetition, and variations on the triangle as a leitmotiv.
In 2015, she has focused on women. First with the duet Exotic World with the director and former stripper Sarah Moon Howe and then with her new solo La Esclava, co-written and performed by Lisi Estaràs.