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Adam Shaalan

Adam Shaalan is an Egyptian composer and visual artist, born in 1991 in the Qalyubia region.
He graduated from the Higher Institute of Applied Arts in Giza in 2015, and is the founder of the label and collective Hizz, particularly active in the Cairo experimental music scene.
He grew up in a community influenced by Sufism, in which music and dance play a major role.
He learned to play the flute and the drum, before later tackling the electric guitar and discovering digital composition. Using distortion devices and digital workstations, around 2010 he turned to a form of experimental music which draws its sounds, samples and inspiration from the culture and ceremonies of his home community, the energy and the dynamism of the Egyptian street, as well as from the tradition of shaabi and its pop influences.
In recent years, Adam Shaalan has focused his efforts on two projects: KZLK and Gas, at the crossroads of music and sound art.
The formal originality of his musical approach, his ability to integrate echoes of the Arab world and his own Sufi culture into his music, and the weaving, more generally, of sounds from urban and natural environments, prompted Alexandre Roccoli to invite the Egyptian composer to participate in this new creation.
In keeping with his musical work, Adam Shaalan develops audiovisual works using graphics and motion design software. He is particularly interested in the dialogue between sound and image, in the abstract representation of sound forms, and in the modelling of human movements via near abstract geometric forms.