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Dorothée Munyaneza


“Recounting to several people.

Coming together and sharing personal and collective memories, indelible and fruitful traces that we carry around and that shape us every day.

Memories inhabited by ancient and present-day stories.


The women coming together in MAILLES are women involved in everyday life; that’s what makes them beautiful. For me, beauty exists in rebelliousness in the face of adversity, and in the appropriation of something that has been denied.

Beauty is a place that is alive and aware of the profound strength that can lie in each of us and that refuses to give up.

Resilience, like a weapon of resistance, accompanies us and constitutes our power and our beauty. I want to celebrate and share this power.”

MAILLES is the outcome of artistic and human encounters between Dorothée Munyaneza and six artists – African women or women of African descent – from all over the world. Sharing their stories and their practices, this piece recounts the universal in their mingled stories and tackles humanity through the personal.

Writer, singer and choreographer Dorothée Munyaneza is developing a work full of passion. Involved on the international contemporary scene since the early 2000s on several musical and choreographic projects, she starts with reality to understand memory and the body, both individual and collective.