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Alice GAVIN 2020-2022

Associate artist at the BNM from 2020 to 2022

The invitation to be associate artist comes in the form of a residence in which research is undertaken around the question: 

How can dance be mediatised in 2022?
It is about putting into practice a form of experimental work at the Ballet National de Marseille in the cultural institution’s specific context. On this occasion, the traditional circuits of creation and channels for distributing images and ideas will be challenged.

My work as a graphic designer-author around the artist in the field of art and visual creation is conducive to research on innovative formats linked to the democratisation of the internet in order to open up the practice of dance through images.

Coming up in 2020-2022: workshop, exhibition, seminar, masterclass, podcasts, internet tools…

Alice Gavin is a graphic designer-author and co-founder of the Groupe CCC studio.

Groupe CCC is a group of graphic designers and artistic directors based in Paris (since 2010). The studio is keen to work with artists, expressed particularly in the field of contemporary art, music and fashion, because these environments are conducive to being part of the studio’s experiments.

Groupe CCC produces graphic and digital tools and promotes the autonomy and emancipation of its sponsors and users. Complementing its commissioned work, the studio also gives consideration to using mainstream channels and image distribution networks to generate a critical discourse.