Erik Kaiel

From 11th April
until 13th April 2018 - Le Théâtre-scène nationale - ST-NAZAIRE (FR)

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Erik Kaiel

winner of the People’s Choice Victor Award at IPAY in Montréal 2016

Inspired by the famous video game of the same name in which different shaped figures have to be fitted together to form a whole, the Lebanese-American choreographer Erik Kaiel defies the laws of gravity by composing shapes that are iconoclastic to say the least. The dancers’ bodies glide, pivot, search for one another and fit together until they form incredible pyramids, then come apart again. How is a group formed and how can it develop its own language bit by bit?

Endowed with highly imaginative energy and inventiveness, Tetris becomes a metaphor for the encounter and the stage space becomes a playground for extraordinary acrobatics.

A veiled reference to technology, Tetris will particularly appeal to those who can’t sit still, want to climb walls and are always looking for the next thing.

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