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Gen Isomi


I was born in Japan where I studied ballet dancing. I came to France thanks to a study grant and joined Cannes' Rosella Hightower Junior Ballet. I won various prizes such as the Youth America Grand Prix Top 12, the Nagoya Ballet Competition (1st prize) and the Kode Ballet Competition (3rd prize).

My encounter with contemporary dance came late but was a revelation: today I need it as much as I do ballet. When I joined the Ballet National de Marseille as an apprentice in 2015, this combination was a determining factor. I love working hard, even if at the start I thought that I would never manage to maintain the pace because the pieces by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten are so demanding in terms of breathing, rhythm and gestures.

The “body in revolt” is what I practise in Extremalism. At the end of the piece, the music becomes very loud and very fast and I stop thinking. When that happens, my dance is all about instinct.