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béatrice cardone


I was born on the 10th of april 1995 in Poggibonni (Siena-Italy). I started to study classical dance at 7 years old in a little dance school, then at 11 years old I started to study at the Scuola del Balletto di Toscana directed by Christina Bozzolini with so many teachers like Barbara Boer, Eugenio Scigliano, Alessandro Bigonzetti, Eugenio Buratti, Arianne Benedetti and others. In september 2015 I joined « Dancer At Work » directed by Eugenio Buratti and  this project helped me to take part at some auditions around Europe. With « DAW » I had the possibility to study classical dance with Maria Rose Villoresi and Victor Litvinor and comtemporary dance, contact improvisation and floorwork with Alessio Barbarossa and Valentino Porcu. In may 2016 I took part at the audition at the Ballet National de Marseille, I was engaged in the company and I started to work in september of the same year.

I had the possibility to take part in one of the pieces of the repertory of the company that is « Extremalism ». Thanks to it I could found my interpretation of « le corp en revolt ». For me « le corp en revolt » means that our body wants to go forward of its limits, it wants to make a revolt against itself. For that reason I understood the Emio Greco’s work comes from the inner part of our body, it’s a phisical dance. It’s so interesting how the human being wants to discovered his limits and the same time go over those. And for that « revolt », revolt against himself.