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Anton Zvir


I‘ve started dancing thanks to my parents, as both of them are dancers. I spent my childhood in the backstages while my parents were on tours so no one was surprised I said I wanted to become a dancer at 5 years old. As far as I remember, I got involved in folk dance in Belarus and I really liked the way we had to move in space.

I really wanted to be an artist so I joined the Minsk Bolshoi Ballet at 9. The best school to work as a professional dancer.

During these years, I got the opportunity to interact with France and contemporary dance as I was part of the casting of plays in partnership with Jeune Ballet de Lyon. Then, I worked with Carolyn Carlson at the Ballet du Nord and spent a year at Torino Ballet. I’ve been a dancer for Ballet National de Marseille since 2007.

Here. I love the way to commit ourselves through our emotions. I can say we breath together thanks to an inner connection Emio and Pieter created between us, like it’s quite clear in Le Corps du Ballet National de Marseille.

At the BNM, I live my dream. I love to be on stage and play with the audience. In Passione, I have had a hybrid role which required dance and play. In the end, the body dedicated to dance produces a neverending research, to life, for the best.