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Alejandro Longines


I came to dance by chance really because my mother asked my brother and me to choose between the piano and dance for an extracurricular activity when we were living in Saragossa. My brother stopped after two years and I carried on! In 2012, I received a grant to study at the English National Ballet School run by Tamara Rojo and Samira Saidi, where I danced in pieces by Sir Kenneth MacMillan, Sir Peter Wright and John Cranko and won several national awards.

When I was in the LaMov Dance Company, I accompanied two friends to an audition at the Ballet National de Marseille and found out about its new directors through videos posted on YouTube. I was curious to find out more and admired the work being undertaken by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, but I was very intimidated by the standard of the dancers.

My two friends were eliminated from the auditions but I got through after three days of selection. When Emio called me back, I found it so hard to believe I was offered a contract that I had to ask him several times whether he was really sure of his decision.

Today, I feel at home in the company. I’d never worked with choreographers before who show me the “mental” side of dance. In this sense, Emio and Pieter have taught me a lot. Why we move? How energy moves inside? There is always a reason for movement and this is really interesting. I perform a solo in Le Corps du Ballet National de Marseille and I have to admit that it’s always a moment I dread because I’m alone on stage and all eyes are on me.