artistic project


The artistic project that began almost 20 years ago based on a dancer’s body, that of Emio Greco, has been enhanced and expanded, evolving between the brain and movement, dance and music, local and international…

The project is now being extended to France with the Ballet National de Marseille and the Netherlands within the ICK Choreographic Arts Centre.

A new challenge on a European scale, sharing the same foundation of the power of the dancer’s body. A better way of “throwing the body into the fight” in the colourful words of Pasolini, a firm favourite with Greco and Scholten. 2 themes form the bone structure of the artistic project: "the body in revolt" and « the body of the ballet".

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3 pillars

shows by the BNM and BNMNEXT

Choreographic pieces created by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten or by guest choreographers form the highlights of the company’s work in Marseille. Accompanied by specific activities known as BNM+, these creations define a repertoire that helps extend the influence of the BNM and the junior ballet, BNMNEXT, in France and abroad.



coproductions, residences, partnerships

The BNM is a breeding ground where talent can flourish. As a National Choreographic Centre, it coproduces work by companies from France and abroad as part of its Open Studio programme, and welcomes artists in residence all year round. The BNM also develops invaluable collaborations both locally and internationally.


activities for all, educational activities, development activities and sponsorship

The BNM is asserting its regional presence with an intensified programme of cultural activities in which artists, local people, associations and companies find a space for dialogue and creation.

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