Angelo Vergari was born in Brindisi, Italy. He begins dancing at the Centro Danza Tersicore. In 1987, he enters the Princess Grace of Monte-Carlo Ballet Dancing Academy where he brilliantly graduates. In 1990, he wins the contest for the role of the Little Soldier in the The Nutcracker by Amedeo Amodio.

At the beginning of his career from 1991 to 1994, Angelo is invited by the Madrid Classical Ballet, the Ballet of Venice, the company Aterballetto, the San Carlo Theater of Napoli, the company Euroballetto of Rome. During this time, he dances soloist roles in Rudolf Noureev, Roland Petit, George Balanchine, Jean Pierre Aviotte, Bruno Telloti, Robert North, and Riccardo Nunez’s choreographies.

In 1994, Angelo is engaged by Roland Petit in the Marseille National Ballet and is offered soloist parts in : "Zizi danse Gainsbourg", "Chabrier", "100 ans du Cinéma", "Et la Lune descend sur le Temple qui Fut", "Ma Pavlova", "la Sylphide", "Rois Tristes", "The Nutcracker", "Pink Floyd Ballet" and "Charlot danse avec nous".

When Marie-Claude Pietragalla becomes director of the BNM in 1998, he takes part to many pieces by M.-C. Pietragalla, C. Brumachon, R. Wherlock, R. van Dantzig, G. Balanchine, J. Garnier, Rui Horta, A. Bournonville, T.Saarinen, N. Schmucki and W. Forsythe.

In 2005, Frédéric Flamand, new director of the BNM, choose him for his creation "la Cité radieuse". Angelo danced also in "le sacre du printemps" by S. Petronio.