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Titanic represented the triumph of technology, longer than the highest skyscraper in the new world, it was regarded as unsinkable and symbolized man’s absolute confidence in scientific progress, in a perfect world wich harboured grandiose illusions - Nevertheless, on a cold april night in 1912, this magnificent ocean liner on its maiden voyage - an idealized reflection of our social order - hit a iceberg and rapidly sank in the glacial waters of the North Atlantic. A metaphor fot the end of one age and the birth af another, a symbol of man’s overweening pride which encountered a tragic destiny, having underestimated the power of our natural environment? A harbinger of the fragility of our contemporary societies?

Titanic wishes to be a chilling poem about the end of our century, a wild, baroque, technological, refined choreography accurately reflecting our world, on in wich once firmly-entrenched technologies are crumbling to make way for the information industries - The industries drown us in a universe of images and reproductions, in order to better "deliver" us from the real world and its tragic dimension.

Re creation - 19.12.12 - Théâtre National de Marseille - la Criée

Visual and video artist - Fabrizzio Plessi
Music – Charles IVES, Alfred SCHNITTKE, David LANG, Antonin DVORAK, Jerome KERN
Choreographical assistants – Katharina CHRISTL & Yasuyuki ENDO.
Set and props construction – Walter GONZALEZ/ TRILINE & l’équipe technique du BNM
During 1h15