“WADAIKO”: a Japanese traditional drum, which has been loved widely for a long time. It is stroked often gently and often vigorously, the sounds of O-TAIKO (which can be called the symbol of all Japanese drums), are the beating sounds of life. In this present work, O-TAIKO has been associated to the egg, the origin of life. A new creature is born.
Leonard Eto

Born in the egg, the heartbeat breaks a shell, a creature is born, passing through different kinds of ways to exist: slowly, delicately, sometimes wildly... different creatures encounter the others making their effect, conflict, drift, symbiosis, and vibration of energy never finishing always continuing both primitive and at the same time very complicated always existing.
Yasuyuki Endo

Creation on July 8, 2014 - Silo - Marseille, as part of Festival de Marseille
Production Ballet National de Marseille
With help of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japon and la maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris
  • Yasuyuki ENDO
  • The Japanese dancer and choreographer Yasuyuki Endo trained at Tokyo’s Shigyo Ballet School before launching his career with the Star Dancers Ballet in Tokyo and the Australian Ballet, (...)
Concept and original music Leonard ETO Choreography and direction Yasuyuki ENDO