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“Abstractly constructed, this choreography in five movements unfolds in a space framed by barres evoking a dance studio. A place where the dancers become actors in their own story. You can imagine them having their daily lessons, rehearsing a new show or scrutinising the mirror as if to read the future in it. Everything begins in a kind of initial chaos; groups are formed, and then pull apart to reform further along in the expectation of a sign that will give meaning to their vitality. It suddenly appears from afar and positions itself centre stage where a trio of artists start executing an enigmatic number at the barre. A duo follows, enabling the stars to confront each other in a feigned rivalry. When they move away, a dancer crosses the stage to stage left where the barres – now parallel – await him. His tightrope solo is interrupted by the arrival of five girls. Five points of a star indicating a number the ancients associated with harmony and rediscovered order. This happens in the fifth and last movement from Steve Reich’s Sextet whose title bears the number of Creation but also uncertainty, because the sixth invites you to choose. This is the reason the dancers abruptly leave the stage space, running into the distance to question the future.”

Thierry Malandain

A true work of art !
Jacques Freschel - Zibeline, 20/11/08

The wonderful thing about “Sextet” is seeing virtuosity at the service of simplicity and difference. It’s not an ensemble piece any more, but a dance that can be enjoyed on many different levels.
Karim Grandi-Baupain - César, 12/08

Créé le 17 décembre 1996 à l’Esplanade Saint-Étienne Opéra
Entrée au répertoire du BNM le 24 octobre 2008 à l’Opéra de Marseille
  • Thierry MALANDAIN
  • After completing his dance training, Thierry Malandain pursued his career with the Opéra de Paris, the Ballet du Rhin and then the Ballet de Nancy. The winner of several choreography prizes, he (...)
Restaged by : Françoise DUBUC
Music : Steve REICH
Lights : Jean Claude ASQUIÉ
Sets and costumes : Sean WOOD
12 dancers
26 mn