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The architect and urban designer Dominique Perrault rapidly earned himself an international reputation by winning competitions to design the French National Library in 1989 and the Olympic velodrome and swimming pool in Berlin in 1992. He is currently working on a number of large urban projects all over the world, including the expansion of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the creation of the Olympic tennis stadium in Manzanarès Park in Madrid, the masterplan for the centre of Donau-City and a 200 metre tower in Vienna; the new auditorium for St Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre, and the EWHA women’s university campus in Seoul, Korea. As well as these large prestigious projects, Dominique Perrault works on smaller projects too. In France he built the Hôtel Industriel Jean-Baptiste Berlier in Paris, the Aplix factory near Nantes and a multimedia library in Vénissieux. In Austria he has just altered the skyline in Innsbruck’s historic city centre by creating a genuine urban island comprising the town hall, shops and a hotel. In Italy, following his redesign of the Piazza Gramsci in Cinesello Balasmo near Milan, he is currently redesigning Naples’ Piazza Garibaldi for the Metropolitana di Napoli, and building a pedestrian bridge in Palermo.

Whatever the size of the project, Dominique Perrault’s buildings transform the architectural landscape like elementary volumes in minimalist sculpture. His work for the stage is an extension of his architecture, on the one hand because it comes from the same vocabulary of simple forms, reduced to a minimum, and on the other because he pays the same amount of attention to engineering the materials he uses, continually experimenting to enhance their visual effects and physical emotions.

Dominique PERRAULT
Architect and urban designer