Valentina Pace begins dancing at the age of 5 with Maria Patti. At the age of 14, she joins the School of La Scala in Milan where she studies until the age of 18 when she graduates. The same year she joins the National Ballet of Marseille under the direction of Rolland Petit. The first two seasons she takes part in many ballets of Petit’s repertoire : "Carmen" ; "Coppelia" ; "Casse-Noisette" ; "Pink-Floyd Ballet" ; "Cheri" and "Swan Lake and its Evil Spells".

She is chosen among the dancers of the ballet to dance "Mood Swing" by David Parson and a creation by Felix Blaska : "Isola".

Since 1998, under the direction of Marie-Claude Pietragalla, she dances pieces by M. Delente, R. Wherlock, M. Petipa, G. Balanchine, she also collaborates in the creations by C. Brumachon, Carolyn Carlson, Tero Saarinen and Marie-Claude Pietragalla. In 2003, Valentina dances "Ni dieu ni maître" at the Olympia with M.-C. Pietragalla ; in November, she takes her part in this show at the Toursky Theatre. In 2004 at Marseille’s Opera, Valentina interpretes Myrtha in "Giselle" and dances "Athanor" (pas de deux) by N. Schmucki.

In 2005, the newly appointed director Frederic Flamand, takes Valentina on an international tour with "Silent Collisions", then creates with her “La Cité Radieuse”, "Metapolis II" and "Metamorphoses".

In January 2006, she is granted the status of soloist in the BNM. For this time, she’s been dancing in pieces by S. Petronio, G. Balanchine and T. Malandain.

Valentina PACE