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- BNM+
Based on performances by the BNM in Marseille, there are impromptus, opportunities to meet the artists before the show, workshops, films and encounters... With BNM+, you become more than just a spectator: you experience dance in a way that is both entertaining and instructive! These activities are designed for everyone so that memorable moments can be shared with the artists.

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- Rehearsals
open to the public

at the Ballet National de Marseille
Discover a creation by a company in residence or a work in our repertoire nearing completion.

- Parlons danse(s)
at the Ballet National de Marseille Let’s talk about dance! From the start of the academic year, on one Monday a month, historian and writer Geneviève Vincent takes us through the meanderings of the history of dance and invites us to learn about the major themes of contemporary dance. A fascinating hour for sharing knowledge and inviting dialogue.

- Outreach activities
For social, geographical or cultural reasons, some people do not spontaneously take part in cultural activities. The BNM is therefore going out to meet people in associations and social centres to raise the profile of dance and the performing arts.

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- Entrez dans la danse!
In 2015/16, BNM will be working with five primary schools and seven
secondary schools in the Marseille area. In all, this means over 300 young people will be attending rehearsals and shows by the company in the city’s theatres, participating in workshops with professional dancers and creating work that will be presented at the BNM at the end of the year.

The theme this year is linked to Rocco, a piece inspired by Visconti’s film Rocco and His Brothers, which tells a story of fraternal love, a fight for a better life and a quest for identity.

The stages of the programme
1 I Discovering the Ballet National de Marseille by visiting our premises, meeting the dancers and watching one of the company’s rehearsals.
2 I Workshops with dancers from the company in classes based on School of Moon, Rocco/Roccito.
3 I Final presentation of performances by the children in the BNM’s Grand Studio.

- Participatory projects
School of Moon
In an Open Studio at the Ballet, the Shonen Company offers an interactive creation with professional dancers, school students and NAO robots, called School of Moon. During performances at the BNM and KLAP next January and February, students from the Ecole National Supérieure de Danse and the École du Parc Bellevue will be going on stage. A project into uncharted territory.

- Roccito
In parallel with the creation of Rocco, Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten are producing a choreographic variation of the show, inspired by their encounters with students form the École Saint-Joseph-les Micocouliers. Roccito will be presented to the public on 31 March at the Théâtre des Bernardines.

- Speak la danse
This new programme combines raising people’s awareness of the art form of choreography and the learning of a foreign language or French for migrants who have recently arrived in the country. In 2016, two associations dealing with asylum seekers as well as three classes from primary and secondary schools will take these workshops run by dancers from the company.

- Open barres
In association with the University of Aix-Marseille, we are offering a programme for students combining awareness of the practice of choreography and discovery of the choreographic world in two sessions on the Luminy campus. This workshop allows students to explore and understand the classical gesture and work on their posture and relationships with others.

contact c.mely@ballet-de-marseille.com

-  Extremalism : chocolate

A universal language, dance calls on the senses of sight, hearing and occasionally touch. In 2009 ICKamsterdam designed a perfume in collaboration with a Dutch laboratory that was intended to capture the essence of dance. To round off the dance experience, all that was left was to take on the fifth sense : taste. On the occasion of the show Extremalism, crowning 20 years of collaboration between Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, ICKamsterdam and the Ballet National de Marseille, with the active support of Chocodelic, have worked on designing a chocolate that is both extreme and minimal, symbolising the artistic vision of the Italo-Dutch pair.

- Publication in September 2015
Francesca Magnini, an Italian academic specialising in new technologies and research methodologies in the performing arts, has written a monograph on the artistic collaboration between Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. The book makes the link between the research process and the role of the dancer in the Italo-Dutch pair’s choreographic conception. Illustrated with photographs from shows by the EG I PC company, it is published by Artegrafica (Italy) and is currently available in Italian and English.

- Sustainable ballet
Artistic creation lies at the heart of our thinking about the kind of society we want to have in future. We owe what we are to the project we are involved in, but also to the relationships we have that sustain us and our connections to other dynamic forces in society. The Ballet National de Marseille has a duty to incorporate a model of rigour and inventiveness in its organisation and working methods that respects human values and the environment. These everyday actions are key to ensuring that this is a project that will last, one in which everyone has a place and enables others to benefit from their skills, and where innovation allows a better use of resources without waste.

The BNM is involved in the Parcours performant et responsable en PACA, a programme initiated by the region. This season there will be activities involving human resources (health, retraining for dancers at the end of their careers, continuous education) and communications (recycling of obsolete material, an ethical and ecological charter for service providers). Enrolment in this programme will allow the effects of these changes to be measured.

Dance & health

Treatment and a series of prevention sessions for dancers from the Ballet National de Marseille
The Ballet National de Marseille wishes to support its dancers by taking an approach that minimises the risk of them picking up a physical injury as they go about their professional work. The aim is to encourage dancers to have good reflexes and give them greater knowledge of their principal resource : their body. Dancers will continue to benefit from paramedical care within the BNM. It will be rounded off by an evaluation of their motor profile in order to tailor their physical preparation. A cycle of monthly training in association with the National Dance Centre (CND) and the health division of the Écoles Supérieures de Danse in Marseille and Cannes will begin in January 2016 to raise awareness and train dancers in behaviours that are suited to their activities. The BNM undertakes to involve dance teachers who are particularly aware of what is involved in the convergence needed between dance and health.
Partnerships with IML (Institut du Mouvement et de l’Appareil Locomoteur) and the Technosport department at the University of Aix-Marseille will be additional resources to offer a programme of analysis and research.

programme supported and co-funded by Harlequin Floors

« Connexion » is about to carry out partnerships and drafts for community in the field of awareness-raising activities and cultural patronage in particular.
Contact : Christophe Mely