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“Art & Inspiration” dinners
These events comprise dinner and a show held in prestigious venues where business leaders and people engaged in the political, economic, cultural and social life of the city and the wider region can meet to exchange ideas on a suggested topic.
The BNM Club
The universal language of dance is a marvellous communications tool because it is synonymous with both prestige and rigour.
Joining the BNM Club as an individual or a company means :
- associating your image with a major cultural institution
- contributing to the attractiveness of the area
- communicating in a different way
- having fun and entertaining your clients, employees and friends …

The main activity of the BNM is to produce and promote choreographic shows. However the BNM also plays an active part in the society around it.

Each year, as part of its policy of opening up dance to more people, the BNM continues its programme of cultural activities designed to introduce dance to new audiences:

- The school audience, with an education programme entitled “Entre(z) dans la danse”, run with the French Ministry of National Education, DRAC, the city and the regional and general councils. The aim of this scheme is to give children easy and free access to dance practices and works, as well as to allow them to find out how a professional company is run. Since the 1999/2000 season, around one hundred classes of children from primary and secondary schools have taken part in this scheme. So over 4,000 students– most of them from areas targeted for special educational support – have visited the dance studios, met professional dancers and watched rehearsals and public performances in several venues in Marseille and abroad during educational trips (Brussels 2008, Mulhouse 2010, Versailles 2013).

- Students in partnerships for a year with AMU (Aix-Marseille Universities).

- Disadvantaged audiences, thanks to working directly with associations and social centres in underprivileged areas.

- The general public, with regular free public rehearsals and guided tours of the Simounet building.

All these activities are accompanied by attractive ticket prices to allow as many people as possible to access culture.

-  ROCCITO a project developed alongside Rocco
Roccito, a choreography for children/teenagers and created from the piece Rocco. This is an educational outreach project involving young people in the creative process. Roccito will be part of the “Entrez dans la danse” programme.

« Connexion » is about to carry out partnerships and drafts for community in the field of awareness-raising activities and cultural patronage in particular.
Contact : Christophe Mely