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This is about becoming acquainted with the dance of today through open rehearsals, free events in the city or in unusual places, or during the Lundis de la danse lecture series. Throughout the year, the Ballet National de Marseille works with neighbourhood committees, community centres and associations to offer tailored opportunities for people who do not have easy access to culture to enable them to discover dance. These include guided tours, meeting professionals from the entertainment industry, having access to shows or attending work sessions.


- Entrez dans la danse! 
 Every season, 300 school students, primarily from priority education zones, embark on a period of discovery as young spectators.

- Roccito 
 On the fringes of the creation Rocco, children stage their own choreographic piece on the theme of boxing.

- Speak la danse!
Workshops for secondary school students combining awareness of the choreographic art form and the learning of a foreign language. Open barres 
A programme to discover the world of choreography through classes open to students and soon to everyone!


Events : 

-  Extremalism : chocolate

A universal language, dance calls on the senses of sight, hearing and occasionally touch. In 2009 ICKamsterdam designed a perfume in collaboration with a Dutch laboratory that was intended to capture the essence of dance. To round off the dance experience, all that was left was to take on the fifth sense : taste. On the occasion of the show Extremalism, crowning 20 years of collaboration between Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, ICKamsterdam and the Ballet National de Marseille, with the active support of Chocodelic, have worked on designing a chocolate that is both extreme and minimal, symbolising the artistic vision of the Italo-Dutch pair.

- Art and Inspiration dinners 

These dinner-shows, held at the Ballet National de Marseille or at its partners’ venues, calls on the services of unusual chefs and invites business leaders and economic stakeholders to debate themes common to the world of business and artistic creation.

Research activities : 

- Embodying an enduring and responsible Ballet 

Artistic creation lies at the heart of our reflections on the kind of society we would like for tomorrow. However we owe what we are to the project we undertake, but also to the relationships that maintain and nourish us, the connections that connect us to other vital forces in society. In the way it is organised and how it works, the Ballet National de Marseille has a duty to embody a model of rigour and inventiveness when it comes to human values and our environment. While at times they may appear insignificant, these everyday actions complement one another, they accumulate and carry in them the assurance of an enduring project in which everyone finds a place to make the most of their skills and where innovation means resources can be better used without waste. These activities can be found at different levels of everyday life : supporting the retraining of dancers at the end of their careers, recycling obsolete communications material, working with partners who embrace the same approach... “Extremalism”, beyond an aesthetic, is also the approach our company takes to development : pushing the boundaries of creation, innovation and what is possible…

- Publication in September 2015
Francesca Magnini, an Italian academic specialising in new technologies and research methodologies in the performing arts, has written a monograph on the artistic collaboration between Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. The book makes the link between the research process and the role of the dancer in the Italo-Dutch pair’s choreographic conception. Illustrated with photographs from shows by the EG I PC company, it is published by Artegrafica (Italy) and is currently available in Italian and English.

« Connexion » is about to carry out partnerships and drafts for community in the field of awareness-raising activities and cultural patronage in particular.
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