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- parc Bellevue (13003) - Le Riche Mistral (Cassis)
- Montolivet (13012) - Gillibert (13005) - Hozier (13002) - Saint-Savournin (13001) - Moisson (13003)

- Louis-Aragon (Roquevaire) - Germaine-Tillon (13012) - Caillols (13012)

- Marcel Pagnol (13010) - Perier (13006)

380 students

“Entrez dans la Danse” is supported by the Logirem Foundation, Haribo and Crédit Mutuel Méditerranéen.
Event // The BNM and the Logirem Foundation are publishing a book.
It will be illustrating the work done by students from the Parc Bellevue primary school in Marseille’s 3rd arrondissement with, among others, the dancer Agnès Lascombes as part of the “Entre(z) dans la Danse” 2008/2009 programme !


This year’s theme has been inspired by Frédéric Flamand’s new work for the city’s year as the European Capital of Culture. It is about “art in sport, the beauty of the gesture...”. Throughout the season there have been exchanges and encounters between the 380 children taking part in the programme and the BNM’s dancers...
Thanks to our partners, the Logirem Foundation and Haribo, each class has had access to the company’s shows at the Opéra, La Criée and the BNM. The programme draws to a close at the Ballet National de Marseille in June 2013 with a presentation of the students’ work.

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