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As part of the CCN’s Open Studio programme, the Ballet National de Marseille will be providing financial support to several companies and choreographers in 2016 to allow them to finish off their creations. They include :

Balkis Moutashar
Compagnie Amala Dianor
Compagnie SHARP Arno Schuitemaker
Compagnie Shonen Eric Minh Cuong Castaing

In 2015/2016, the Ballet will be hosting several choreographers and companies in residence in its studios. They include :

La Parenthèse, Mouvimento, HO7, Barbara Sarreau, Flux moi, Kontamine Sacha Steurer, C&C, Shonen, 2b2b Sun of Shade, Balkis Moutashar La Innombrable, Wilfried Ohouchou

Away from "open studios" towards establishing a “guest artist” programme

What is the most precious element when creating an artistic project ? It has to be time. Well, based on our experience, we think it is. Time and confidence. These two notions provide a solid foundation for a career in the arts.

Ever since we first started working together in the Netherlands, we have been able to develop the way we practise our art thanks in particular to the support of other professionals, shown in their reactions to our work and financial support, but also in the time we were given. Today, sharing studios is one of the pillars of the policy for developing talents that has been implemented in Amsterdam at the International Choreographic Arts Centre, ICKamsterdam. We are aware of the importance of this policy, implemented in France in the form of the open studio, just as we are aware of the debates around this scheme, notably with the desire to open up choreographic centres further to other artists. These discussions are taking us in the same direction as what we have been doing in Amsterdam at ICK and what we are proposing for the BNM and its environment.

Our vision for sharing this tool initially involves a change in name. We envisage working with “guest artists”, a name more suited to the shape we want to give to the “open studio” scheme : we feel it is a good idea today to make choices for the long term. This will allow us to concentrate our resources and time, both financially and artistically, to outline a path together, both within the institution but also with audiences. During our time here, we would like to collaborate with a smaller number of artists and companies in order to offer them more resources and better support.

We would also like to ask our guest artists to be particularly involved in terms of reflection, participation and commitment in a dynamic of dialogue and mutual contribution. Nevertheless we will continue to ensure that diversity remains an essential element in the choices we make : we will be inviting artists who are male and female, from Marseille, the region, elsewhere in the country and beyond. We will also listen to Michel Kelemenis (KLAP Maison pour la Danse), working in partnership with him, and will build bridges with ICKamsterdam to enable choreographers and projects to be seen more widely.

Our choice is guided by certain criteria :
- the work of guest artists will stand out for a remarkable and particularly precise articulation of their material. We are keen on work that thoughtfully and boldly marries elements from conceptual art and dance. These choreographers challenge old formulae for transmitting dance with the aim of sharing the outcome of their research and their work with a wider audience
- with some, there are clear affinities with the dramaturgical strands we are developing at the BNM, that is “the rebellious body” and “le corps du ballet”. These two themes are broad and open, while outlining the direction of what we are trying to build with guest artists.

The support programme being put in place with guest artists is artistic, administrative and financial. This will allow the BNM to offer optimal support exactly where it is needed.

For 2014, the Ballet National de Marseille has decided to offer creative assistance to 7 companies / choreographers.

- Compagnie Rocio Molina (Espagne)
- Titre à définir

- Compagnies Collectif KO.com & Ecrire un mouvement (France)
- "Un3mars96"

- Compagnie Dodescaden, Jeremy Demesmaeker & Larence Maillot (France/Belgique)
- "Rue Intérieures"

- Compagnie CUBe - Christian Ubl (France)
- "Shake It Out"

- Fabien Prioville Dance Company (Allemagne)
- "A Time For Us"

- Compagnie Elyamni (France)
- "Journal des corps - révolution des corps"

- Compagnie Attakkalari Center For Mouvement Arts - Jayachandran Palazhy (Inde)
- Titre à définir

For 2013, the Ballet National de Marseille has decided to offer creative assistance to 8 companies / choreographers. In addition to financial support, they will be invited to the studios of the Ballet, the School but also in collaboration with Klap Maison pour la Danse, for a creative residence.

La Zouze / Christophe Haleb (france)
Fabien Prioville dance company (allemagne)
Ayse Orhon (turquie)
F.a.c.t / Fana Tshabalala (afrique du sud)
Mathilde Monfreux (france)
Attakkalari Repertory Dance Company / Hemabharathy Palani (inde)
Parc / Pierre Pontvianne (france)
Kubilai Khan Investigations / Frank Micheletti (france)

This year, to make the most of residences and raise the profile of artists it is co-produced throughout Marseille and the PACA region, the Ballet National de Marseille has chosen to develop synergies with various organisations in and around Marseille :

- an open studio co-organised by KLAP Maison pour la danse - Kelemenis & cie with shared residences and the presentation of excerpts of shows currently being created :
Christian Ubl - CUBE / “B&W’s - White Space” (France)
Hervé Robbe - Travelling & Co / “Slogan” (France)
Arkadi Zaides / “Land-Research” (Israel)

- the co-production of creations by companies who have been hosted (and/or supported) during Festival Dansem / l’Officina
Manon Avram - Collectif KO.com / “Qu’avez-vous vu ?” (France) at Dansem 2012
Marlene Monteiro Freitas - Bomba Suicida (Portugal) at Dansem 2012
Taoufiq Izeddiou - Cie Anania / “Rev’illusion” (Morocco) at Dansem 2013 in collaboration and coproduction with Bois de l’Aulne - Aix-en-Provence
Marc Vincent - Cie Artefactdanse / “Exotes” (France), Open Studio 2011 at Dansem 2012

- in perspective at Marseille Provence 2013, the co-production of artists in the Mediterranean region Arkadi Zaides (Israel)
Taoufiq Izeddiou - Cie Anania (Morocco)

- hosting and co-production of the company which was an award-winner at HiverÔclites / Hivernales d’Avignon 2011 Lucie Augeai & David Gernez - Adequate compagnie / “Frater” (France)

- hosting COLINE training (Istres) during public rehearsals every month at the BNM, presentation of “Faits et Gestes...Voir ci-après” (excerpts) by Bernard Glandier (6pm on 8 June 2012)

For 2011, the following companies will get the "open studio" support:

La Zouze Cie Christophe Haleb “Fama”, Cie Humaine Eric Oberdorff “Leviathan”, Kubilai Khan Investigations Frank Micheletti “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright”, Cie La Parenthese Christophe Garcia “Je suis sage,mais tu me manques !”, Cie Syhem Belkhodja Association Ness El Fen “Urgence”, Cie Artefactdanse Marc Vincent “Exotes”

For 2010, the Ballet National de Marseille has chosen to co-produce the following shows :

Germaine Acogny, Thierry Thieu Niang, Miguel Nosibor/Cie En phase

For 2009, the Ballet National de Marseille has chosen to co-produce the following shows:

EX NIHILO, Anne Le Batard & Jean-Antoine Bigot
Cie EN PHASE, Miguel Nosibor

For 2008, the Ballet National de Marseille has chosen to co-produce the following shows :

Tout ceci n’est pas vrai, Cie Traits de Ciel / Thierry Baë (F)
Pan, Cie Lionel Hoche (F)
Immah, Cie Elyamni / Samir Elyamni (F)
Parcours 2008, Cie Ektos / JC Boclé (F)
de 9 à 1, Cie Rita Quaglia (F)
Humus Vertebra, Cie Dame de Pic / Karine Ponties (B)

In 2007, the Ballet National de Marseille chose to co-produce the following shows :

Christian Ubl/Cube

Michel Kelemenis/Cie Kelemenis

«Konnecting Souls»
Franck II Louise

Samir Elyamni/Elyamni

«Diptyque II»
Collectif KO.com/Manon Avram

«A bout de soufflé»
Thierry Thieu Niang

In 2007, the Ballet National de Marseille welcomed the following companies and choreographers in residence in its studios :

Jean-Michel Allart
Ancestry/Nathanaël Marie
Ballet d’EUROPE/Jean-Charles Gil
Babayega/Annabelle Cateau
Body and Soul/Jean-Pierre Ega
Collectif KO.com/Manon Avram
Cube/Christian Ubl
De Briques et de Broc/Valérie Costa
Demo/Christian Canciani
Elyamni/Samir Elyamni
Franck II Louise
Michel Kelemenis
La Parenthèse/Christophe Garcia
La Countless/Fleur Duveney-Prêt
Motus/Sabine de Viviès
Emile Saar/Marie Lelardoux
Thierry Thieu Niang

Open studio
Studios are made available to choreographers and companies undertaking creative work free of charge and there is also the offer of financial support.
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