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Whether hanging loose without a dancer to wear them or hampering movement, costumes have often been a constituent part of Christian Rizzo’s work. His approach to clothing has attracted the interest of couture houses, even though the choreographer specifies that “from the moment fashion enters a theatre, it becomes a costume”. For Spring at the BNM, the choreographer and his associate, Caty Olive, for whom light is a form of writing for the stage, have devised a living installation out of some of the 3,500 items that have dressed the company’s stars since the days of Roland Petit. However it is not about an inventory of gestures that have disappeared: in Ou Pas the dancers are invited to an introspective abandonment, carried by the enigmatic encounter between history-laden costumes and their contemporary presence.
World premiere on 19 March at La Friche Belle de Mai - Marseille (F)
A Ballet National de Marseille production
Co-realisation Friche de la Belle de Mai
  • Christian RIZZO
  • Christian Rizzo made his artistic debut in Toulouse in the 1980s, forming a rock group and created a clothing brand, before going on to study art at the Villa Arson in Nice and unexpectedly (...)

Luminous space : Caty Olive
Images : Sophie Laly
Sound : Scanner