TNM la Criée - 17 > 19 sept. 2015

Le corps en révolte – Het Lichaam in opstand
Emio Greco I Pieter C. Scholten

17> 19 September – 8PM
Théâtre National de Marseille – La Criée

The international dance production Extremalism is a multi-disciplinary piece performed by 30 dancers, 24 from Marseille and 6 from Amsterdam. This large scale anniversary production crowns 20 years of collaboration by the choreographers’ duo Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. Extremalism celebrates its double premiere in the Netherlands and France, in the Holland Festival and as the opening piece of Montpellier Danse.

Extremalism is about the way mankind responds to today’s crisis. What does a body do in an extreme situation? Or by contrast, how does it survive in a very minimal setting? Extremalism is among the most ambitious and extensive pieces in the works of Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. With 30 dancers on the stage in times of scarcity and cut-backs, the piece is a celebration of contemporary dance and the power of the body.

For this creation, Henk Stallinga, a Dutch designer, has conceived a light sculpture, a round installation that spins around itself like a terrestrial globe, and symbolizes time going by. : yesterday, today and tomorrow. Alongside Pieter C. Scholten’s musical collages, icelandic composer and Björk’s regular collaborator Valgeir Sigurdsson created an original score inspired by "the body in revolt", a theme at the heart of the artistic project of the Italian-Dutch pair.

It’s simply fascinating, the sheer beauty of the continually changing division of the space effected by the mass in conjunction with the energy that is flowing: you’re looking at almost abstract images, which at the same time have a very human and even a political and religious charge. There is a tension between order and chaos, between vulnerability and strength, between good and evil. (de Volkskrant)

Dramaturgy Jesse Vanhoeck / light sculpture Studio Stallinga / Music Valgeir Sigurdsson / Lighting Henk Danner / Costume design Clifford Portier

World premiere Holland Festival Amsterdam, 06.2015
French premiere Montpellier Danse, 06.2015

04 91 54 70 54
Prices 9€ > 24€

Published on 22 June 2015

Taste Extremalism raw chocolate

Can dance be experienced as something tangible, can it be smelled or tasted? Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten are constantly searching for the essence of the dance and are stimulated in this by synaesthesia: the ability to intermingle the senses so that sounds can be seen, or colours tasted. Previously, they brought a perfume on the market (l’essence de la danse), which was blown into the audience at the end of the performance You Para | Diso (2010).

Can you make something by minimal means that can trigger an extreme experience? In order to get to grips with what ’extremalism’ can mean, Greco and Scholten made an excursion, in sync with the creative process, to yet another totally unrelated field and produced a chocolate. With expert chocolate makers of the sustainable chocolate brand CHOCOdelic, the first to put ’raw food’ nuts and berries in a coating of unroasted (raw) chocolate on the market, the choreographers discussed how they could reduce the composition of the envisaged chocolate to its essence. So, they arrived at the raw cocoa bean itself as the core of the chocolate. Since the bean is not roasted, and the taste can only be influenced by the fermentation process, the choice of bean was crucial. Chosen was the Organic Island cocoa bean, from the Tabanan area on Bali. The combination of the rich Balinese soil and the ideal microclimate produces an aromatic, gently-sweet chocolate taste. The bean was coated with a layer of raw chocolate, made from a wild cocoa bean from the Andres woods, with the sole addition of a little coco-blossom sugar.

After the effort to capture the dance in a perfume with l’essence de la dance, this time it’s in the taste of a coated cocoa bean. Extremalism raw chocolate: food for the body; extreme in its purity, minimal in its form.

Published on 7 May 2015

  • September 2015
  • TNM - La Criée
  • Creation
  • Extremalism
  • from Thursday 17 September 2015
    until Saturday 19 September 2015
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