For Richard Siegal, dancing is about building bridges between two worlds. It is about rediscovering a sense of community. From his educational background, Richard Siegal has retained an unconditional love for a finely honed and very musical line. From his time in a high-profile dance company, he has derived an angular, flexible and nervous physicality of almost animallike sensuality. In this creation for the Ballet National de Marseille he wishes “to work with the performers around relationships between them that have never been explored before, producing a genuine explosion of joy”. To communicate? For Richard Siegal, the word has particular meaning. It refers to our capacity to bring to light new links between the physical, emotional, sound and even architectural environment. A piece that makes us realise that Richard Siegal will not rest until he links universes and individuals together.

world premiere the 8th of july 2014 at the Silo - Marseille, within the framework of the Festival de Marseille
production Ballet National de Marseille
coproduction Festival de Marseille

special thanks to «Le Regard du Cygne»

  • Richard SIEGAL
  • Richard Siegal was born in North Carolina in the United States, but it was in New York that this most European of American choreographers of the new generation trained from the age of 17. Spotted (...)

concept & choreography : Richard Siegal
choreographic assistant : Paula Sanchez
music : Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
lights : Gilles Gentner
costumes : Alexandra Bertaut