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“Mayday” is a term used internationally as a distress signal in radio communications. The word is an intentional distortion of the French phrase “Venez m’aider”. In the event of distress it must be repeated three times.

Yasuyuki Endo, dancer and assistant to Frédéric Flamand at the Ballet National de Marseille, was in Japan on 11 March2011, the day of the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku. After his return to Marseille and in the face of the scale of the devastation, as a matter of urgency he created “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, This is …” in aid of Japan’s victims with the voluntary involvement of BNM dancers.

This astounding show, full of emotion and dignity, symbolises the cataclysm through the dancers’ bodies skilfully orchestrated by Yasuyuki Endo.

Mayday ... does not seem to contain any terror, just a tremendous urgency and an appetite for living that finds a percussive tribal force. Agnès Freschel, Zibeline

  • Yasuyuki ENDO
  • The Japanese dancer and choreographer Yasuyuki Endo trained at Tokyo’s Shigyo Ballet School before launching his career with the Star Dancers Ballet in Tokyo and the Australian Ballet, (...)

Musique KODO
19 danseurs
23 mn