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In his creative work, Eric Oberdorff pays attention to the world around him and strives to align his choreographic practice with it. He sees that today’s society has become dependent on and accustomed to speed and a never-ending flow of information as we demand machines with even greater output and a practically instantaneous satisfaction of our desires. For the Ballet National de Marseille, Eric Oberdorff has chosen to evoke this notion of speed in a work featuring exclusively male performers. He finds swiftness of movement not just in dance, but also in certain martial arts with which he is familiar, particularly karate.

The horizontality of movement seen as a never-ending flow which will unfold on stage and which he anticipates as being a metaphor for the headlong rush, passing time and urgency, will be punctuated by suspensions in time, poetic stops described as verticals, instances of apparent immobility where it is important to take stock of what exactly you do retain from the incessant flow of information and images.

For his project, Eric Oberdorff has chosen partitas by Johann Sebastian Bach which for him present an ideal and resolutely modern union of intense spirituality and implacable mathematics.

Creation, 23 April 2010 - Opéra de Marseille
  • After studying dance at the Conservatoire National de Région de Nice (winning its top prize in 1984) and at the Ecole de Danse Internationale de Cannes Rosella Hightower, Eric Oberdorff then (...)
Music : Jean-Sébastien Bach
Lights design : Bruno Schembri
Sets : Bruno de Lavenere
Costumes : Philippe Combeau
5 dancers
25 mn