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For his first creation in Marseille, Frédéric Flamand offers the third part of a trilogy dedicated to the relationships the body has with architecture and the city: “la Cité Radieuse”. Dominique Perrault was given the task of creating the stage design and with Frédéric Flamand came up with a device of mesh screens and metallic woven cloth manipulated by the dancers and relayed by a sophisticated system of camera/projectors. These enable the real body and its performance to be examined from unexpected perspectives and simultaneously from different viewpoints. A way of shattering the traditional performance setting. Le Corbusier’s utopia, to which the title pays homage, dreamt of bringing happiness to people through architecture. Flamand and Perrault question new forms of utopia linked to the advent of this city-world generated by the process of globalisation. They take into account what the anthropologist Marc Augé called ‘non-places’ (airports, shopping centres or transit stations), anonymous spaces visited by increasing numbers of people every day. Metapolises and megapolises today are perpetually mutating arenas where people are confronted with the images they produce. The real body is taken off into interlacing urban networks and flows of images. Today it is the world of images – via advertising and information superhighways – that shapes the human being’s continually recycled desires and anxieties: the myth of eternal youth, physical beauty, feelings of insecurity… Only the body-image is in a position to realise the fantasies of total ubiquity, flexibility and mobility offered to the real body in the accelerated flows of virtual space. Yet it cannot help but emerge confused by its attempt to conform to the increasingly inaccessible universe it has created.

It is an epic production, well done and well performed. It’s absolutely no surprise that people like it. Marie-Christine Vernay – Libération


Création mondiale dans le cadre de la 10e édition du Festival de Marseille, les 15 et 16 juillet 2005.

Production : Ballet National de Marseille
Coproduction : Festival de Marseille, Fondazione Teatro Due - Parma
Co-réalisation : Théâtre National de Marseille la Criée
Partenaires : Facolta di Design e Arti - Universita IUAV di Venezia

  • Dominique PERRAULT
  • The architect and urban designer Dominique Perrault rapidly earned himself an international reputation by winning competitions to design the French National Library in 1989 and the Olympic (...)
Artistic adviser : Bernard DEGROOTE
Choregraphical assistant : Katharina CHRISTL
Musical adviser : Jacques-Yves LE DOCTE
Sound editing : Xavier YERLÈS
Light design : Nicolas OLIVIER, Frédéric FLAMAND
Costumes: Annelies VAN DAMME
16 dancers
1h15 mn