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Punctuated by completely contrasting choreographic writing, Hôtel Folia has been constructed with the involvement and simultaneous research of ten dancers from the ballet along with the stage designer, video director, lighting designer and composer. _The dancers make us switch our gaze from one screen to the next, taking us off into numerous worlds which they bring to life, one by one, in a continual toing and froing. _Worlds that are invented live, where speed rubs shoulders with immobility: enigmatic, intimate, fragile or violent, but always profoundly human. Resonances are invented between the virtual space of the projection screens and the real and disturbed space of the stage. Michèle Noiret
created, 6 May 2011 - Opéra de Marseille
  • Michèle NOIRET
  • Michèle Noiret met Karlheinz Stockhausen after studying at Mudra, the dance school founded in Brussels by Maurice Béjart. She studied the composer’s gestural notation and worked with him for some (...)
Conception Michèle Noiret, Alain Lagarde
and Aliocha Van der Avoort
Assistant Kathleen Reynolds
Set and costumes Alain Lagarde
Images vidéo Aliocha Van der Avoort
Composition musicale originale Jean-Christophe Scottis
Music Alessandro scarlatti, Antonio vivaldi
Lights design Xavier Lauwers
10 dancers
45 mn