French national Sophie Faudot Abel started her dance training in Noumea, New Caledonia, in 1973 before heading to the Ecole Internationale de Danse de Cannes in 1980, from where she graduated in 1984. The previous year, she obtained her baccalaureate in music and dance in Nice.

Her career as a dancer began in Switzerland at the Stadttheater St Gallen from 1984 to 1985, followed by the Ballet du Grand Théâtre in Tours under Jean-Christophe Maillot, where she stayed until 1989.

In the early 1990s, she embarked on a career as a freelance dancer in Brussels, Belgium, working in particular with Jacopo Godani, Jone San Martin, Claudio Bernardo, Thierry Smits, Douglas Becker, Jean-Guillaume Weis, Randi De Vlieghe and Andrea Tallis. She encountered a wide range of dancers and choreographers which gave her the opportunity to tackle styles as varied as those of Neuemeier, Bejart, Morris, Bausch and Forsythe. This experience allowed her to develop a working method that combined the demands of the basic classical technique and the different artistic demands of the choreographers she was meeting.

From 1992 until the early 2000s, in parallel with her dancing career, she worked as a choreographic assistant alongside a number of creators and gave daily lessons within their company, a role she fulfils to this day. She has also been a guest teacher at several companies in Belgium (including Charleroi/Danses, Ultima Vez/Vandekeybus and The Loft), in Germany (Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken/Marguerite Donlon, Staatstheater Oldenburg/Martin Stiefermann and Opernhaus Hannover/Stefan Thoss) and in the Netherlands.

In 2003-2004, she was awarded a German state diploma as a classical dance teacher by Kathy Bennetts at the Frankfurt Ballet. She then worked as the ballet mistress at the Stadttheater Darmstadt from 2005 to 2006, under the direction of Mei Hong Lin.

She continued her teaching career with German companies (Mainfranken Theater Würzburg/Anna Vita and the Stadttheater Darmstadt) and at the University of Music and the Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main under the Director of the Classical Dance department, Marc Spradling.

In 2009, Frédéric Flamand invited her to give classes in Marseille and appointed her Ballet Mistress in September 2010.