Yasuyuki Endo was born in Tokyo Japan. He starts ballet at Shigyo Ballet School Tokyo in 1986. In 1990, he joins star dancers ballet Tokyo, he dances different role of repertoire such as young soldier in kurt jooss’s green table, leading role in antony tudor’s lilac garden, he chosen for the leading role in Jerome Robbins’s Afternoon of a Faun and received high reputation. In 1994, he grants a fellowship from japanese overseas study program for artists. He joins the Australian Ballet in 1994. He dances different roles of repertoire such as solo in maurice bejart’s le concours, solo in stephen baynes’s beyondbach. He choreographs distance for new moves of the Australian Ballet. In end of 1996 he’s back to Tokyo to joins star dancers ballet, he dances different roles of repertoire such as the leading role in Peter Wright’s version of coppelia, Fryday night solo in Kennerh Macmillan’s elitsyncopation, solo in George Balanchine’s Western symphony, solo in William Forsythe’s step text, also he choreographs trans for star dancers ballet Tokyo. In 1998, he receives the 10th muramutu award for artist in Japan. In 1999, he joins Charleroi Danses plan – k, he dances and attends in creation of Frederic Flamand and Zaha Hadid’s Metapolis project 972, he dances and attends in creation of Frederic Flamand and Jean Nouvel’s body / work / leisure, he danced and attended in creation of Frederic Flamand and Thom Mayne’s Silent Collisions. At same time he been guest artist and guest choreographer for several companys. He performs in Saburo Teshigawara’s i was real documents, he went to Israel tour and Montreal Dance Festival in Canada 1999, he choreographs Chain for Tama Ballet festival in Tokyo 1999. He performed in Saburo Teshigawara’s opea turandot 2000-2002. He choreographs Ongaku for tama Ballet Festival in Tokyo 2002. He formes Bonobos (performing art group) with Taka Shamoto (Rosas) in 2002, he teaches improvisation workshop and creation for saison foundation Tokyo 2002-2004. He choreogaphs Haoto for project paserelles 03 in belgium 2003. Also he teaching ballet classes and contemporaly dance work shop for several places such as the loft in Brussels since 2000, in Belfast, Venice, Istambul, Tokyo, etc. In 2005, he joins Ballet National de Marseille as a soloist dancer.
Yasuyuki ENDO