When the two choreographers put their talents together in the mid 90s, their joint work gave birth to a successful choreographic adventure. They developed a universe and a writing made of tension and synchronicity borrowing from classical elements as well as postmodern dance. Starting in 1995 from their curiosity for the body and its inner motives, they have created a new language. To qualify their work – its originality – where rigour of research combines with the power of the imagination, the word “extremalism” was made up.

With “Double Points : Extremalism”, created specifically for the Ballet National de Marseille, the choreographers “reexamine” their work which most of the pieces are impregnated with a singular theatricality and a repetitive, touching and energetic dance, occasionally exuberant. Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten’s dance grounded in the structural rigour is endlessly filled with eccentricity.

Coproduction Ballet National de Marseille - International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK) / Emio Greco I PC, Amsterdam
  • Emio GRECO I Pieter C. SCHOLTEN
  • Emio Greco, an Italian choreographer, and Pieter C. Scholten, a Dutch director, founded in the mid-90s their own dance company Emio Greco I PC based in Amsterdam. Their characteristic work (...)

Scenography, lights, sound : Pieter C. Scholten I Emio Greco
Lights : Henk Danner
costumes choice : Clifford Portier / BNM’s heritage
creation 26/10/2012 - Opéra de Marseille (F)
14 danseurs/dancers
30 mn